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Queen Girls Ambassador Program

On your own terms

You are a heart centered person and like empowering others.

You resonate with our mission.

You like sharing and are free spirited.  

You also have bills to pay and should be compensated for your energy!

How it works

We want you to help spread the word throughout your networks, and we’re offering a 40% kickback to do so (the same kickback we give to brick and mortar bookstores). 


We’ll first set you up with a discount code for our website. You’ll then choose a discount amount for your followers, and you’ll keep the rest.


For example, imagine you want to give your followers a 15% discount and keep 25% for yourself. You’ll simply direct them to our site, they can purchase as much as they’d like at 15% off (we’ll even handle shipping). We’ll then track the order back to your unique code and send you 25% of their entire order value!

Feel free to be creative… you can do what feels right (when it feels right)! 

Here are a few suggestions:


Share with your followers in your next newsletter

Create a blog post (we can help with content)

Embed a permanent link on your website

Run a promotion on social media

Mention us as a 'sponsor' on your next podcast

Share your discount code on your stories every now and then

... the options are endless!

Your life, your rules

Simply drop us a line at to get started!

Hey, Jimena here!

As you may already know, I am also a Life Coach, primarily working with women. While focusing on mindset and self-perception, the effects of the so called 'subtle' gender stereotypes (and all stereotypes for that matter) have become very evident in myself and in the women I work with.

We have a hard time raising our hands, speaking our truth. We think of everyone else before ourselves, because we were taught that this is what good moms, wives and sisters do. 

At the same time, our boys and men are expected to lead, to be brave at all times, to be strong at all costs, to never show vulnerability... the list goes on. As a mom of two boys, it hurts to put that weight on their shoulders and limit their life experience, simply because they are boys. As a woman, I know first hand how limiting stereotypes can be and how they can shrink the perception of ourselves. These books were created to shake the status quo, to contribute to raising awareness over stereotypes in children's literature and to celebrate women who have already done things that we sometimes think are impossible.


Stereotypes are well ingrained in our cells, but one little step can take us further from where we are. We'll never be able to move if we remain in the same place, telling the same stories and communicating with each other in the same way. If you also believe in the power of the collective, please get in touch! -

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